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Bikram Yoga: Pose 11

Pose 11 – I’m starting with my favorite pose, TREE pose.

It’s week 2, day 4 of my 8 week Bikram Challenge.  This is my favorite because it’s challenging but for me is do-able and I can see myself improving on it already!  If you already do any yoga, you’ve most likely done this pose.


One of the biggest benefits of this pose is improving balance!  Using one leg at a time, you will build up leg strength and as you push further into the the pose with the leg that is up, you will build on your flexibility.  Great pose especially for me, a desk job person, to be able to stand up straight and work on my posture while stretching my legs and hips.

Concentration!  Ever have issues with feeling restless or a bit ADD?  This pose will help you learn focus because you’ll never be able to balance and hold the pose unless you focus really hard.

I envy the toe-standers!  For those of you that haven’t seen it, you hold the tree pose and bend forward and down so that you’re holding it balanced on one foot.  My goal is to be able to do the toe stand within 6 months.  I think I can do it.






*Hips and leg strength


What other great benefits do you experience?  Anyone out there that can do the toe stand?


Saving money! $$

I’ve learned some tricks to saving money on my purchases.  It takes some time and effort, but it allows me to stretch my money further.  I never pay full price on shoes, for example.  One of the big ways I save is through cashback.

If you haven’t yet heard of “cashback” rewards, you’re missing out on a lot of savings!  Savings range starting at 1% up towards nearly 15% (or more in rare occasions), with most at 3-5%.  All you need to do is click on your website through another website’s link.  You may utilize just one, two, or a combination of multiple “cashback” websites (one at a time per purchase).  Often times I search through a multiple sites, looking for the highest percentage reward (store XYZ may get 4% at site A, 5% at site B and 3% at site C.  So, I opt to use site B for my purchase).  

Cashback is essentially another discount.  Because it is separate from a promo code, you can use it in addition to promo codes or coupons that you would use directly on the company website through which you are making a purchase.  

Some of the “cashback” websites offer small cash amounts to entice you to sign up – do it!  It’s free money!  You may have to build more cashback to get paid out (required minimum) but just be patient.


Swagbucks:  REGISTER


CouponCabin: REGISTER (and get a $10 signup bonus!)

Mr Rebates: REGISTER (and get a $5 signup bonus!)

BeFrugal: REGISTER (and get a $5 signup bonus!)

FatWallet:  REGISTER

TopCashBack: REGISTER (and get a $10 signup bonus!)

GoCashBack: REGISTER (and get a $5 signup bonus!)

RebateCodes: REGISTER

iConsumer: REGISTER

GivingAssistant: REGISTER

ActiveJunky: REGISTER


I have some other tips and methods I use for saving.. which I’ll share later.


Yoga Challenge Begins (and Standing Deep Breathing)

Me + Exercise.  I used to have an eating disorder that involved excessive exercise.  In graduate school I spent 3-4 hours between various exercise classes and the gym.  Since then, I have come a long way.  I cut out exercise from my life for quite awhile and then about a year and a half ago, I started cardio boxing/kickboxing.  It was a great place for me to get out my emotions and frustrations, especially at the time in my life.  I did that for about 6 months before moving from midwest to desert.

When I got here, I started doing Krav Maga.  If you haven’t heard of that, it is sort of a martial art.  It was developed by the Israeli army and really aimed to debilitate your enemy.  Of course, someone my size would prefer to escape rather than get in a fight, but especially as women, we never know when we might get into a situation….any way I will get more into Krav later.

I’ve been trying to help my fiance get motivated to get in shape.  He’s been in and out of a couple jobs since we moved here and finally landed one he likes and matches my work schedule as well.  Since we moved a year ago, he has been wanting to go to Bikram yoga.  We have been talking about it forever!  So finally, I realized we had 8 weeks before we really had any solid plans or place to be so we set out on 6/6 to start the 8 week Bikram yoga challenge (5x a week for 8 weeks).

I’ve never sweated so much in my life as when I go to this class!  There are 26 poses, each done twice.  I thought I’d start learning more about each so I can appreciate them more while I’m dripping with sweat and struggling to stretch as far as those who have been doing Bikram for awhile.


To come – poses 1 – 26….

Engaged in the desert

Last summer (2015), we moved to a dusty, run down city in the desert, away from the frigid winters of the Midwest.  I was ready to leave my job and ready to escape the 6-8 months of ice, gloom, snow, and chills.  We arrived in the midst of summer: 110 degrees and no end in sight.  But alas, we do our time here until we are ready for another adventure.

We talked about forever soon after we met, but made it official in November.  The proposal was perfect for me; quiet, secluded, and at a great restaurant in a fun city (not where we live).  Now, June, our wedding is less than 6 months away and we’re doing everything to get ready and to get our lives in gear… for the rest of our life.


This is our adventure.


Adventure: traveling, hiking, backpacking.

Health: yoga, self-defense, cooking, eating.

Finance: budgeting, making money, saving money.


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