Ah, my fiance’s least favorite – trikanasana pose.  He basically hates anything that involves a lunge.  So now, take a lunge and hold it!

I think it’s not so bad except for the couple of yoga practices we had after spending an hour doing legs exercises/squats.  Really it was hard to even walk then.

This one is really supposed to help with weight problems.  You have to focus on using your leg strength, tightening your butt muscles, holding your arms up, keeping your spine in alignment, and using your core muscles to stay strong.


*Helps with kidneys and digestions

*Strengthens legs and arms (I guess most standing poses do)

*This is a hard one to not hold your breath, so focus on breathing.

*Opens hips, improves stability

*Neck strengthener



Anyone else hate this one like my fiance?  I don’t mind it!