I no longer talk to an old friend because she wouldn’t hear my opinion and got all offended.  She does campaigns and that kind of thing against bullying.  Let me first state that I think that’s great for people to find their issues to get involved with, and I don’t necessarily support kids being mean.

On the other hand, I think that bullying is a normal part of many people’s lives.  I think it’s akin to evolution and “survival of the fittest”.  I think that people who can be tough and deal with hard times end up further in life.  I think it takes strength to get through hardships and I think that through life there is a lot of unfairness and “bullying” and those of us that learn how to tough through it and/or stand up to it, end up successful.

Look at people who become celebrities or presidents, or any CEO.  They have a lot of haters and people that are critical of the way they do things.  If, every night, they go home and cry about it, they’ll never survive that job position.

I just saw a blog post about raising children to be soft.  That’s lovely…..until someone picks on them and they haven’t learned how to stand up for themselves.  Over and over, they get knocked down until it destroys them.  Yes, it’s sad that a lot of young people opt for suicide, I don’t wish that upon anyone.  But I ask, if those kids were taught to be tough, how to build strength, how to defend themselves, how to build confidence, would they have chosen that route?   Why don’t we focus on teaching confidence?

Teach your kids to be tough, teach them to be strong.  Sure, teach them to be compassionate and loving and kind, but pave the way for success later in life.  No one will make it to the top unless they can stand up for themselves when someone tries to push them down.

I’ll share this article: http://www.samuelthomasdavies.com/michael-phelps/

You can blame other people, situations, or yourself.. or instead you can decide how you respond.