Week 3, Day 4:

Camel pose is one of the hardest for me!  It looks so easy but for some reason when I get in position and lift up my head (even before leaning back), I get dizzy and lightheaded.  From what I read, it’s just a vulnerable position and stirs up emotions in the body.  It is also a change in blood pressure.  Since the first day, it has gotten easier – I learn to raise my body slowly and my head last.   I set my hands behind my back, fingers facing downward, and push my elbows back.  Slowly, slowly lift up and push back.


This pose is great for posture and flexibility in the spine and neck.  For those of us that sit at a desk, this is great for the lower back and helps strengthen our legs and stretch out the shoulders.

I will report back after more time in Bikram… assume this one gets easier!