I’ve always been terrible with hydrating… I would consider myself chronically dehydrated.  In fact I have been admitted to the hospital twice after visiting for miscellaneous things and finding myself dehydrated so I end up with IV’s for rehydration.  I guess my body just got used to it.

There were two reasons.  I’m 19 months sober but spent a lot of time dehydrated when I was using.  In addition I had a fear of drinking liquid during my eating disorder because it made my weight fluctuated.  So, from age 18-30 I was probably rarely properly hydrated.

Anywayyyyy in the last year this “dehydration” mania has been changing.  I moved to Arizona with peaks around 120 degrees.  I got crazy headaches for the first maybe 6 months of living here because I never drank enough water.  The heat was a lot more than I’ve ever been used to and I didn’t change my habits.  I first bought a Nalgene when my fiance and I went backpacking in Utah.  We needed it to load up water at the springs and to load up river water for boiling.


With the anticipation of starting Bikram, however, I started putting in more effort too.  I knew that I’d be in a hot and humid room full of people and I wasn’t keen on feeling nauseous or light-headed.  I wanted to get something out of the 90 minutes rather than just trying not to pass out the whole time.  So, since we started I’ve been loading my body up with water really well.  I use flavors to add which makes it a lot easier.  Sometimes with electrolytes as well.