Pose 11 – I’m starting with my favorite pose, TREE pose.

It’s week 2, day 4 of my 8 week Bikram Challenge.  This is my favorite because it’s challenging but for me is do-able and I can see myself improving on it already!  If you already do any yoga, you’ve most likely done this pose.


One of the biggest benefits of this pose is improving balance!  Using one leg at a time, you will build up leg strength and as you push further into the the pose with the leg that is up, you will build on your flexibility.  Great pose especially for me, a desk job person, to be able to stand up straight and work on my posture while stretching my legs and hips.

Concentration!  Ever have issues with feeling restless or a bit ADD?  This pose will help you learn focus because you’ll never be able to balance and hold the pose unless you focus really hard.

I envy the toe-standers!  For those of you that haven’t seen it, you hold the tree pose and bend forward and down so that you’re holding it balanced on one foot.  My goal is to be able to do the toe stand within 6 months.  I think I can do it.






*Hips and leg strength


What other great benefits do you experience?  Anyone out there that can do the toe stand?