I’ve learned some tricks to saving money on my purchases.  It takes some time and effort, but it allows me to stretch my money further.  I never pay full price on shoes, for example.  One of the big ways I save is through cashback.

If you haven’t yet heard of “cashback” rewards, you’re missing out on a lot of savings!  Savings range starting at 1% up towards nearly 15% (or more in rare occasions), with most at 3-5%.  All you need to do is click on your website through another website’s link.  You may utilize just one, two, or a combination of multiple “cashback” websites (one at a time per purchase).  Often times I search through a multiple sites, looking for the highest percentage reward (store XYZ may get 4% at site A, 5% at site B and 3% at site C.  So, I opt to use site B for my purchase).  

Cashback is essentially another discount.  Because it is separate from a promo code, you can use it in addition to promo codes or coupons that you would use directly on the company website through which you are making a purchase.  

Some of the “cashback” websites offer small cash amounts to entice you to sign up – do it!  It’s free money!  You may have to build more cashback to get paid out (required minimum) but just be patient.


Swagbucks:  REGISTER


CouponCabin: REGISTER (and get a $10 signup bonus!)

Mr Rebates: REGISTER (and get a $5 signup bonus!)

BeFrugal: REGISTER (and get a $5 signup bonus!)

FatWallet:  REGISTER

TopCashBack: REGISTER (and get a $10 signup bonus!)

GoCashBack: REGISTER (and get a $5 signup bonus!)

RebateCodes: REGISTER

iConsumer: REGISTER

GivingAssistant: REGISTER

ActiveJunky: REGISTER


I have some other tips and methods I use for saving.. which I’ll share later.