Last summer (2015), we moved to a dusty, run down city in the desert, away from the frigid winters of the Midwest.  I was ready to leave my job and ready to escape the 6-8 months of ice, gloom, snow, and chills.  We arrived in the midst of summer: 110 degrees and no end in sight.  But alas, we do our time here until we are ready for another adventure.

We talked about forever soon after we met, but made it official in November.  The proposal was perfect for me; quiet, secluded, and at a great restaurant in a fun city (not where we live).  Now, June, our wedding is less than 6 months away and we’re doing everything to get ready and to get our lives in gear… for the rest of our life.


This is our adventure.


Adventure: traveling, hiking, backpacking.

Health: yoga, self-defense, cooking, eating.

Finance: budgeting, making money, saving money.